More and more researchers are using non-radioactive  techniques for DNA/RNA or protein detection. Non-radioactive detection primarily is depended on application of chemiluminescence catalyzed by HRP, AKP or other enzymes. The development of enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) increases greatly the sensitivity of detection, and the sensitivity of chemiluminescence is considerably higher than that using radioisotopes for detection of DNA (Southern blotting), RNA (Northern blotting) and proteins (Western Blotting). EMSA Products

For example, using chemiluminescence, obtaining images usually takes only a few minutes, whereas obtaining autoradiographs with radioisotope-labeled molecules takes 16-48 hours.

Advantages for ECL-based detection:

High Sensitivity

Safer than using radioisotopes

Easy to handle

Much shorter time to obtain results

Long life for Biotin- or fluorescein-probes

In preparation of DNA/RNA-based non-radioactive probes, Biotin, DIG and fluorescein are used most commonly. Among these labeling molecules, Biotin is most widely used for its chemical stability, high affinity, fast binding time, small molecular weight and compact structure. The major technology developed by Viagene Biotech is high sensitive non-radioactive detection based on HRP-induced chemiluminescence. We have provided services for our customers in life sciences with non-radioactive detection kits since 2006. We have hundreds of premade biotin-labeled probes for EMSA and have years of experience for custom-synthesizing non-radioactive probes using either biotin or fluorescein labeling.


Catalog# Products Description Pack Price($)
SIDET101 Coolshift-BId General ECL EMSA kit, DNA 100assays 266
SIDET102 Coolshift-BIr General ECL EMSA kit, RNA 100assays 348
SIDET201 Coolshift-IRd General IR EMSA kit, DNA 100assays 158
SIDET202 Coolshift-IRr General IR EMSA kit, RNA 100assays 258
See kit list details Complete ECL EMSA kits 30assays 287
See kit list details Complete IR EMSA kits 50assys 442
See kit list details Gel-staining EMSA kits 50assys 89
See kit list details Complete EMSA kit Per sample 199
SERV005a EMSA-PN EMSA/positive+negatives 6 loads/ea. 130
SERV005b EMSA-PC EMSA/positive only 6 loadings 85
SERV005c EMSA-NC EMSA/negative only 6 loadings 45
TFRGT105a Poly[dI:dC] EMSA/non-specific inhibitor 50assays 54
TFRGT105b Poly[dI:dC] EMSA/non-specific inhibitor 100assys 99
TFRGT108 EMSA-Mmb EMSA/probe-membranes 4 sheets 45
TFRGT104 EMSA-RBu EMSA/reaction buffer 50assays 25
TFRGT110a ESA-HRPb Streptavidin-HRP 50assays 65
TFRGT110b ESA-HRPb Streptavidin-HRP 100assys 99
TFRGT103a EMSA-BBuf ECL EMSA/blocking buf. 60ml/btl 45
TFRGT103b EMSA-WBuf ECL  EMSA/washing buf. 60ml/btl 59
TFRGT103c EMSA-EBuf ECL  EMSA/equilibration buf. 60ml/btl 21
See list details Biotin-probes for EMSA 50assays 122
See list details Biotin-probes for EMSA 100assys 198
See list details IR Fluo-probes for EMSA 100assys 245
See list details Competitive probes 25μL 98
SERV007 EMSA-SSH EMSA Supershift service detection/ea. 77
SINP001 EMSA-TNPX Nuclear protein extraction 50assays 105
SERV016 EMSA-vTNP Nuclear protein extraction 4*sampl.+ 125
SERV017 BEMSA-vCNP Nuclear extraction service 2.5*sampl.+ 65
SERV018 EMSA-vbBP Custom Biotin-probe 1 pair 198
SINP005 EMSA-ProC Nucl. protein concentration 100mL/bot 47
SERV004 EMSA-vNPC protein concentration service 5*sampl. +30
SINP012 EMSA-preC EMSA service/cell-pretreat 50 assays 590
SERV019 details Custom competitive probe 10 assay 39
See list  detail Custom competitive probe 20 assay 71
See list  detail Custom Mutant probe 10 assay 48
See list detail Custom Mutant probe 20 assay 85

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